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We are the tech enterprise combing scientific research, design, manufacture and sale.We have pushed out vending machines with self service terminal relying on professional and proven technique in automation area and powerful intelligent cloud system development strength. We rise in vending machine area and major in Coffee Vending Machine, Ice Cream Vending Machine, Frozen Food Vending Machine and Slushy Ice Vending Machine etc. Continuous offering reliable, rapid and convenient products with high technology, intelligent cloud platform and meticulous service to customers is our constant pursue.


We are the authorized engineer centering by Haishu, Ningbo government, we have set up our own lab, so we can make developing, testing and quality control for the important parts. Such as motor parameters, electromagnetic valve, cable parameters, PCB, machine body rusty checking, colony detection and so on.






Gross weight

250kg or so


230V/50HZ or 110V/60HZ or 230V/60HZ


a. 72L(4barrels*18L) Automatically switch another barrels when one lack of water; b. running water; c. 2 kind syrup(2/5L per syrup)

Ingredients canister

8 Canisters ( 6 for powder, 2 for coffee beans)


120 to 200pcs standard cups ( 90 diameter) 12oz(cup quantity is optional)



Heating ways

Instant heating system( Save energy, standby module only waste 2-3 kilowatt-hour per day, 0.03 kilowatt-hour per cup)

Ice making way

Built-in ice making system

Advertisement display

43”/4K ultra high definition capacitive touch screen

Other function

Food safety (1. Disposable packaging consumables 2. Auto add lids covering 3. Customers only can pick up product after lids are added, then they can’t touch in making area to prevent poisoning and secondary purchase pollution 4. It’s convenient to pick up and prevent falls)


Support all MDB protocol device (Bill validator, Coin acceptor,credit card,QR code ( We can provide API),VIP membership card (Option)


Main Features

1) Good coffee taste : Freshly grinding coffee bean, brew a freshly coffee up

2) Auto Cup dispensing add lid covering system

3) Built-in ice making module and instant heating system, precise temperature controlling

4) 43 inch 4K High Definition Capacity touch screen

5) Enjoy several flavors of drinks with both hot and cold choices

6) 4 barrels water (72L) per time as max or running water.

7) Sealing design for insect prevention, above 25cm of the machine at the back, using insects-resistant net at the holes

8) Multi-types of payments. (coins and banknotes from different countries can be recognized)



A. Touch screen: Sliding menu to choose drinks offers different feeling to customers. And our 4K ultra high definition screen can keep the clear picture without cloth lines in the close-up views.

B. Auto cup dispensing and lid covering system and special pick-up way.

C. Our patent for cup slide design totally isolate the area of making coffee and of which customers can touch.

D. Coin changers are totally designed refer to human body feature and action habit.



Slim machine with high capacity

  1. Water capacity-72L(4*18L) Customers can customize the quantity of water barrel depending their situation. Our machines have automatic switch function. ( Exactly make out 120-200 cups drink)
  2. There can be placed 120-200 pcs cups (400 ml) and 200 lids. Our machine can automatically dispend cups and covers lids to avoid secondary pollution and malicious poisoning etc.
  3. Two bags of 5L syrup. That can solve the problem, which sugar cannot be melt below 20℃. So that people usually add fructose ( that is syrup) into ice beverage to enrich drink taste.
  4. 6 canisters for ingredient powder( hold 1.5-2KG), 2 canisters for two different kinds of coffee beans(2*2 KG) All ingredients can be made out about 200 cups drink.


All disassembling spare parts can be cleaned without any tool,  and wipe is enough to touch all places in machine without any blind angle.( This function can make sure food safety)



Pre-Sales Service

* Inquiry and consulting support.

* View our Factory.


After-Sales Service

* Training how to install the machine, training how to use the machine, training how to remote on platform.

* Engineers available to service machinery guiding on-line time to time for oversea customer.