Slushy ice drink vending machine CE CQC

Product basic information:

1) Special technological design let dinks automatically be iced without adding another ice to improve drinks tastes.

2) 55inch ultrahigh definition capacitive touch screen.

Application :

Can automatically sell all soda drinks with slushy ice, such as sprite, cola, beer etc.

This machine is widely used in commercial places, such as bar, school, cinema, mall etc.

Products detailed information:

Products outlook:

Size 1000(W)*1000(D)*1960(H)mm
Gross weight 350Kg
Power 220V/50HZ or 110V/60HZ
Temperature controlling range -10℃ to 0℃( Under normal ambient temperature condition)
Standard capacity 5 spiral (Customized)
Spiral width 60-640mm (Customized)
Network 4G
Payment We will leave the corresponding payment plate only with hole, you can buy and install bill or coin validator, credit card (MDB protocol), QR code (we will send API to you, you can write the API interface by yourself)
Display screen 55/4K/Ultra high definition capacitive touch screen (3840*2160)
Sales product Soda drink, canned beverage drinks, etc

Outlook design

There rarely be no acute angle to avoid injuries for customers.

Machine feet and transportation

1. Each machine has 4 adjustable machine feet bearing heavy weight up to around 350kg/foot, It can avoid damage in the process of moving the machine and protect the safety of human.

2. Size: 1000mm(W)*1000mm(D)*1960mm(H) Space: about 1㎡;It is easy to transport machines.

C. Machine clean

Our screen is designed with tempered glass and frameless capacitive touch screen to simplify clean with wet towel.

Design referred to human body

Touch capacitive screen rotary sliding screen selection method, to bring consumers a different purchase experience; and 55-inch 4K high-definition large screen, It does not feel headache when buy drinks in front of the screen.

Machine pick-up box design for avoid hand stuck to customers.

Coin refund is designed refer to human body feature and action habit , then there won’t be any problem to take out coins

Products functions:

Patent design:Slushy ice

Temperature scope: -10℃ to -0℃( Under normal temperature)

All the soft drinks will be presented as slushy ice beverage status.

Fast defrosting

Fast defrosting-Finish defrosting only within a few minutes. Our machine can be used in high humidity area. We also support many times to open and close door without problem. It will not cause damage during the process of adding products.

b1. Adjust shelves height and disassemble shelves without tools

Disassemble shelves without tools.

Adjust shelves height without tools.

b2. Adjust tray width

Customers can adjust shelves width from 80mm to 660mm.

b3. It can bear heavy weight

Tray can bear heavy weight.

Tray motor with big pushing power can be worked at about -30℃ to keep stable products delivery.

C. Germany brand compressor

Temperature controlling range: -10℃ to 0℃( Under normal temperature).

d. Electronic door and pick-up Electronic delivery port.

Electronic door and intelligent operate system.

Fast cooling system; Can deliver products continuously; Quickly reduce temperature after adding products.

Electronic door can be closed automatically after deliver products to keep the stable temperature in machine.

Online cloud platform:

d1. Platform 3.0 for Publish Advertisements Online System

Make and publish advertisements

Change UI style online

d2. Remote control devices system

Online monitor functions tests (Products delivery test), and machine screen controlling (screen shot, adjusting video voice, opening and closing screen etc).

Online monitor products storage in machines to export ingredients lists. That can make it convenient to count replenishment lists, cost and sales report etc.

d3. Operation and maintenance staff system

Platform can make record for login time, ip, operating information of each account and role. That can make it convenient for staffs to monitor machines.

4. Online inquiry

Online report inquiry

Online order inquiry

5. Online parameter setting

Online freight lane parameter setting

Online machine parameter setting

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